When to get new ideas

There are some different situations where I might need to come up with new ideas.

Writer’s block

Some authors say that they “do not believe in writer’s block.” I’m not sure what they mean by that, because it isn’t about believing, it just happens. It is getting stuck while working on your story; you have no idea what should happen in the next scene, the next book. You can’t plan more; you can’t write more.

But there is way out of it, and it is often to get more ideas for what might happen next.

New story

Regardless of it is the next novel in a series, or if it is a story in a new universe, you need an idea. How you get that idea differs from writer to writer, from novel to novel. But I will list some ways here, for when you feel motivated to write, but lack a story.

Re-planning story

Some stories lead you off the chosen path. And when that happens, you might have to stop and think of where you are going now. Generating ideas for what might happen along this path. What changes to make to the pre-planned plot and what new things can happen.