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Why writing tips?

There are as many tips about how to write as there are people in this world. Rules you have to follow, things you can never do under any circumstances. And then there is the “rule” that says screw the rules.

Most goals of all these rules and tips and tricks are to write the ideal novel, to become the next bestseller. But what even is that, the perfect story? I’m not sure that is achievable.

Perfect is like the word beautiful; the rules lie within the observer, or in this case, the reader. What is an excellent story to me, might not be the best for you.

To me, that means that rules that resonate with me, might not work at all for you. Neither while writing, or what you look for while reading. And that is fine. You don’t have to agree with everything I write here or any of it. What I hope that you take away from this are ideas and thoughts. If you realise that you would do something differently from me; mission accomplished. You have learned or decided or understood that this is not how you want to do it.