House Habitant

Farm habitant

These beings are most often seen where the people live–on their farms or in their houses. These beings live among humans in some way and stay close to them.

Beings that live on farms and in houses can be pleasant ones, helping the ones living there. Or they are mischievous ones that cause trouble for whoever lives there.

The target, for both kindness and problems, can be two different things on any farm. 

One potential target is the house itself, which can cover both the ground and earth as well as the buildings on a specific area. One being targeting this is Gårdstomte which is the guardian of the farm itself. 

The other kind of target is the people living in the place, either one specific person or the whole family. Maran targets a person rather than a place and often focuses on a specific person rather than the whole family.

There are also cases where beings—for example, Vättar or Vittror—prefer to live parallel with humans on the farm. As long as humans leave these beings to do their own thing, they will let the family live in peace. Favours can be exchanged with these beings too, and being on their good side will benefit the family living on the farm. This kind of beings can be invisible, live in parallel worlds, or even underground.

Important to note is beings such as Maran doesn’t necessarily live on the farm, but people inside their home are their primary targets. So it can be more about their hunting ground than where they live, depending on the type of being that is considered.