Forest habitant

These beings are native to the forests, and their primary targets are people working there–eg. hunters, or woodworkers. Humans rarely see them close to home, as they prefer to lure humans into the forest instead.

Some beings have homes deep in the forest, while others appear where humans walk or work. For example, Skogsrået has been said to live in a cottage in the forest, but more commonly, it’s said she appears where the humans are out of nowhere. Comparatively, some beings are said to live inside the forest itself, the trees or the ground, e.g. Askafroa is strongly connected to the ash tree and is said to live inside them.

Forests have historically been important to the Scandinavian people. They hunt for food, get wood for heating and buildings, charcoal burning, and more. But, unfortunately, the forest can be dangerous even to those that spend much time in it, and it is easy to get lost if you’re not careful. The beings that dwell in the forest explain why people get lost, some have better luck hunting, and why accidents happen when a worker is out there all alone.

Larger forests contain more beings, and the deeper you go, the more dangerous it is. The dangers are both the wild animals we expect, but also various Väsen.