The gods

The most common stories feature the gods of Norse mythology. Not all of the stories, but most.

  • Oden (Odin): Is a one-eyed knowledge seeking wanderer, with two loyal ravens, Huginn (thought) & Muninn (memory).
  • Tor (Thor): Is a hammer-wielding fighter who creates thunder and lightning.
  • Freja (Freya): Is magical, feather cloaked rider, choosing among the slain of battle.
  • Skade (Skadi): Is vengeful preferring the mountains to the sea.
  • Frej (Frey): Controls the weather and farming, while bringing peace and pleasures to humankind.
  • Idunn: With her apples that grant eternal youth.
  • Heimdall: Is born of nine mothers and possessing a loud horn.
  • Loke (Loki): Is a Jötunn (giant) bringing tragedy to the gods, by killing Balder (Baldr) and more.
  • Hel: Daughter of Loke (Loki) and ruler of Helheim.
  • Tyr: Loses his arm while binding Fenrir, the bravest of the gods.

Not only gods inhabit the world according to Norse mythology. Elves and dwarfs are there too, together with Jötunn, Valkyries, Dis, Norns, and more.

J. R. R. Tolkien has taken a lot of inspiration for his work with Middle Earth from Norse mythology.