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My name is Jill Karlsson, and I am a fangirl, a feminist, a writer, and a frontend developer.

With me being me I want to know as much as I can before sharing my writing with others. That lead me to read a lot of “How to write”-books and articles on Tumblr and other places on the internet.

So the articles here is my attempt to put these tips and ideas into one place. Both for me to later find them again, and hopefully, help someone else looking for similar suggestions. It also works as a great procrastination tool for not writing on my book, so there is that!

I also have a deep interest in mythology and folklore, mainly the ones from Sweden and the Norse myths, but other cultures have some fascinating ideas too! But being from Sweden makes me more comfortable writing about our legends, so that is what I’ll try and achieve here. I’ll research different beings from mythology in books, printed articles, and even around the internet and try to compile it into one document here. Mostly because I want to know all I can about them, but also to share it with others that are interested.